Business Insurances

Depending on your field of business, you may need to take out insurance policies against many different risks. Below, you will find some general remarks on various types of insurance.

Marine Insurances

Goods-In-Transit Insurance

Insure your financial interests in transported goods against the dangers of transportation. A Goods-in-Transit Insurance policy pays damage compensation independently from the carrier´s liability, and based on both English and German insurance conditions. We make it easy for you with our comprehensive individually-tailored insurance solutions.

Professional Liablility Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance serves to protect your liability as a freight forwarder, carrier, and storekeeper, whether in Germany, Europe, or anywhere else around the world. Our custom-tailored insurance policies contain additional coverage beyond the market standard.

Both forwarders and carriers, whether operating locally or globally, are subject to different liability regimes that may legally require liability insurance. For livelihood security, however, it is essential to guard against these liabilities.
As a storage owner, you are liable to the depositor as your customer for damage and loss of the stored goods on the basis of legal provisions or general terms and conditions. Secure your liability risks by choosing an appropriate plan for storage owner’s liability insurance.
Transporting high-value and specialized cargo, project forwarders should insure against all of the liability risks involved in their individual contracts, logistics, and project orders, which will far exceed the liability by law or international liability stipulations.

Hull-on-Land Insurance

Hull-on-Land Insurance provides coverage for land vehicles that cannot be insured with motor vehicle insurance. These include rail vehicles, trailers without propulsion systems in the fairground business, and equipment abroad that is not self-propelled.

Hull & Machinery and Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Insurance

Hull & Machinery Insurance covers all damages to insured vessels. Protection & Indemnity (P&I) refers to liability coverage for third-party damages.

Hull and Machinery Insurance policies can cover all seaborne vessels. These also include special ships and ship-shaped units, such as ocean-going tugs and ship cranes. By insuring a vessel with a Hull and Machinery Insurance plan, total loss or partial damage caused by the dangers of the sea will be covered for the vessel. Also, the protection extends to disposal ordered by authorities, disappearance, and piracy.
Protection risks: Liability risks arising from non-contractual relationships, such as collision, people and pollution damage, wreck removal costs. Indemnity risks: Liability risks, especially from freight contracts. Even charterers are subject to these liability risks for all bookings that are not completed on the basis of “Full Liner Terms.”